The Story of HubSpot Canvas

HubSpot Canvas is the design system we use at HubSpot to build our products. We created this design system to create a more usable experience for our customers. This also helped our small, autonomous teams work more efficiently.

Design Principles

We created 5 design principles to guide us.


We design for clarity and focus. Our work helps users do the next right thing through feature prioritization, visual hierarchy, and contextual awareness.


We foster a sense of joy by humanizing the experience in ways that resonate across cultures. Our work provides users with a playful and personable interaction every time.


We reinforce the message and meaning of the Inbound methodology. Our work makes the Inbound path clear to our users and helps them understand why it’s the right thing to do.


We simplify the user’s experience by creating a unified system that solves for their needs. Our work helps users achieve great things by offering a streamlined, efficient approach.


We devise powerful systems that encourage people to work seamlessly together. Our work helps people create and collaborate with each other in natural, intuitive ways.

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